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About Beth

Beth always loved to cook. So, after high school, she attended the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), graduating in 1988. She went on to work in fine restaurants and hotels, cooking her way up the ladder to key roles.

After several years, Beth decided to switch to baking. “I love sweets, and love to see people enjoy what I bake,” she said. She soon became a pastry chef, later opening her own bakery with a partner. That bakery is still in business after 25 years, although she decided to sell her share.

To uncover what she wanted to do next she hiked the Appalachian trail for 3 months. That provided the solitude she wanted and helped her appreciate the value of simplifying life. For her, this understanding came down to, “Do one thing well.”


Brittle & Beyond

Beth decided to focus on only one item and take it to a high level of excellence. She uses only all-natural, plant-based ingredients, and adds a creative touch by enhancing it with a unique combination of nuts, fruit and floral flavors.

How did Beth choose candy brittle as her business? As luck would have it, she made pecan pie brittle for a PTA fundraiser. When people couldn’t stop raving about it, “Brittle & Beyond” was born!


 there’s no other brittle like it

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